Thursday, 7 August 2014

The End (For Now!)

Well, Countdown to 7th August is at an end, and today, you’ll be able to go out and buy all of these fantastic books for yourself!

If you've missed any of August's posts, check them out here.

I’ve really enjoyed both Countdown events and want to thank EVERYONE who’s taken part, bloggers and authors alike (and, of course, the fantastic publicists who put me in contact with such brilliant authors!)  – and, indeed, all those who’ve spread the word via Twitter/etc even if they weren’t involved.

At the risk of offending anyone I’ve left out (I truly don’t mean to!), particular thanks to Daphne for her amazing graphics and for tweeting when I couldn’t, Keris Stainton, Keren David, Louisa Reid, Michelle, Laura and Debbie who reacted so positively when I first came up with the idea, and gave me some brilliant advice along the way, Sophia Bennett and Jeff Norton for persuading me to do August as well as June and Keris (again!) for hosting the Twitter chat on June 5th while I was teaching my evening class.

There are no plans for future Countdown events this year (I’ve told Daphne to yell at me if I even CONSIDER trying it again, I need a rest!) but we will hopefully return at some point in 2015, possibly with a different format.