Thursday, 15 May 2014

Week 2 Recap

Well, we're nearly halfway through the #Countdownto5thJune tour, and week 2 was just as amazing as our fantastic week 1!

The week got off to an incredible start as we had our first Countdown to 5th June video! MASSIVE thanks to James Dawson, author of the upcoming Say Her Name for Hot Key Books, for recording this, and Matt from Teen Librarian for setting it up and sending him such brilliant questions. (And, of course, a huge thanks to the pupils at Matt's school who came up with the questions.

While the website says Countdown YA, we definitely wanted to get some books for slightly younger readers in and Caroline from Big Book Little Book was the perfect person to host an author for this, as BBLB covers a wide variety of ages. Jennifer Grey, author of Faber and Faber's Chicken Mission series - which will start with Danger in the Deep Dark Woods - gave us her this brilliant guest post, a 'call to wings'.

Matt Whyman is, I believe, unique amongst all the participants in Countdown to 5th June because he has not one but TWO books coming out. (Admittedly, he's one of many authors involved in Andersen's short story collection War Girls, while Hot Key's American Savage is just his own work!) He'll be talking to Countdown graphic designer and co-tweeter Daphne at Winged Reviews on Sunday 25th May, but he dropped by last Sunday to speak to Kirsty at Kirstyes about War Girls.

Monday saw another Hot Key author, Nigel McDowell, take part in a brilliant interview with Faye at at A Daydreamer's Thoughts. Faye is a real blog tour expert - putting together the fabulous one currently going on for Kim Curran's Glaze (check out YA Yeah Yeah tomorrow for my spot on it!), and asked some superb questions here.

Katy Moran spoke to Raimy - who like last Thursday's participant Sister Spooky is one of the bloggers I've known the longest - on Tuesday. I've been following Readaraptor for several years but this interview, about Katy's The Hidden Princess - coming out with Walker - is one of my favourite that Raimy's done!

I am spectacularly excited for ALL the books coming out June 5th, but regular readers of my reviews at The Bookbag and on YA Yeah Yeah will know that a series which holds a special place in my heart is Susie Day's Pea's Book series. The lovely Red Fox have just sent me a copy of book four, Pea's Book of Holidays, and it is taking all my willpower to finish this post before reading it - especially after Susie's amazing interview with Cicely of Cicely Loves Books somehow got me MORE excited!

Finally for this week, we have the only book that's already out! I own a gorgeous hardback of Keren David's Salvage but it's such a brilliant read that I'm STILL going to be tempted by the paperback when it's released on 5th June! She took part in a superb interview today with Jesse of Books 4 Teens.

Thanks again for taking part, everyone!

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